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Silverlit Toys Showroom Office



SIZE                  550sq.m

Funny Child's.

Silverlit Toys recently renovated showroom in East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It’s much for racing and funny child’s styles as its inter-textual interiors. Silverlit Toys nestle within a geometric architectural language feat whilst a matching concept of cheerful. Clad almost entirely in a single color – The White – the 500sq.m space functions as exhibition area, sales meeting, conversation area, administrative centre. The notion of using a single color is valid easy to set off the toy’s exhibit. 

Single color such as white was chosen to fixture and detailing found in the design. Within showroom, PLOTCREATIVE’s Oscar create geometric pattern of are cheer by white. The floor provides a high glossy of spaces to reflective in certain lighting conditions look like stars.

 The notion of using single material might have intimidated other client. The glass surfaces, which preserve views of the original structure of the building, produce powerful visual effects and multiple layers of surface, all played against the ‘third dimension’ of the backdrop panoramas of shanghai itself. The risk was strong; get it wrong and it would turn out like a chamber of cheap horrors, since glasswork in china is ubiquitous and not always superb. Because some mirror glass was also used, and anyway, all glass can be reflective in certain lighting conditions, the space might easily have turned into a recipe for quick migraines. Instead a consistent attention to detailing in tandem with careful lighting planning, elevates the spaces into minor triumphs. And despite the obvious sensuality of the choice, the concept also makes intellectual senses: the sales office is intended to showcase the raw building as it is actually rented out to prospective tenants. So, they can occupy a hyper-sexy finished interior while looking literally throung it at what they’d be signing up for. We’re betting at least a few tenants ay the landlord the ultimate compliment, and copy this interior design