The Pavilia Hill, Residential Design


The Pavilia Hill, Residential Design

North Point, Hong Kong
“Light Decoration” Design, Net area: 1,200 Sq.f

“Light decoration” design concept is a new trend. It rises in Taiwan and Japan recently such design concept target busy citizens. All design and decoration jobs are needed to be done no longer than one month. Without changing the layout of the house. It save unnecessary expenses on decoration or renovation, this is the first principle of light decoration.

The owner of this project is a busy couple with 2 young children. They have to spend time on taking care of children all the time. Their requirement of design is not to change the original layout of the house, which is typically fit to the concept of light decoration. With the simple design style, they are very satisfied with the project.

The design of the whole house is based on delicate and soft light wood and dark wood colors, the designer added line effect on the simple style. After entering the house, there is a door can be seen which is leading from the dining room to the corridor. This featured door is designed with wooden panels to further enrich the overall sense of aesthetics. The tall cabinet in the living room is specially designed with arc corners, such thoughtful design which can protect the children at home.

To create sufficient storage space is another requirement by the owner. A custom-made huge wardrobe in the master room can fulfill the owner’s need. Likewise, children need lots of storage space as well; therefore, one of the children’s room is designed in a raised floor for storage purpose. The other children’s room is applied a tree house concept to create a upper bunk bed, with a staircase bookshelves by the side, to increase the activity areas.

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Home Design, Hin Keng – Playful Pod


Home Design, Hin Keng – Playful Pod

Designed for are old and young family of four, the same 32 square meters (344 square feet) apartment is located in Hong Kong. Home office in the residential design was requested. HIP is the concept, which has been extensively remodelled with a new extension to the front delivering a playful, practical and contemporary home. It had meticulously executed from design to produce a flexible and robust home for their family.

The starting point for the concept, it was created a nature and value mood on living area. Splints has modify to desk make are handicraft article. Coffee desk was designed like a cube makes it playful.

5.5 square meters (60 square) bedroom, By Client request, they need a home office space in the bedroom. So it had planning a working space and living space in the bedroom because a newly married couple hopes a private area. Also match the grey-tone space for them to make a peaceful space.

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The Morgan, Conduit Road in Mid-Levels


The MORGAN at Mid-Level – A Classic Luxury Apartment in Hong Kong

Being a landmark of Hong Kong and the ‘must-see’ tourist spot in town. Victoria Peak is where you can see the spectacular skyline and the famous million-dollar view of the city along the sides of Victoria Harbour.  The Peak is also the symbol of classic grandeur and the British style that is still very much alive.  However, beyond the hustle-bustle and glamour of the Victoria Habour. It’s the Peak’s natural beauty that should deserve the most attention and most treasured.

With the Peak’s uniqueness in mind, the notion of plants. Its growth and blossom become the concept of the design of this 1,300sq ft.  Colours from a natural palette, natural materials and streamlined silhouettes, integrate smoothly with a SMART home system, providing this living space with both aesthetics and the convenience of modern living standards.

Different materials are used in the layout to create different experiences: the two stunning marble walls behind the sofa and the television set at the entrance gives the calming aura of home.  The basic white tone of the living room is accented with the dark wooden door, and bronze arc that extends to the ceiling, mimics the growth in nature.  The rare 3.5-meter-high floor space, along with the tranquil, soothing patterns on the marble stone give the airy feeling of standing on the Victoria Peak, like sitting under a tree and seeing a snowy landscape in a distance, feeling refreshed and energized in this living room.

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Awarded : REA Design Award 2019

Trophy : REA Design Award 2019

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Yoho Midtown Yuen Long


YoHo Midtown – Interior Comfortable Texture Residential Space

The householder is addicted to Japanese Kimono – an elegant and dignified tranditional clothes, makes her even traveling to Japan looking for authentic tailors to make exquisite kimono.

PLOTCREATIVE’s Designer wants to relive this happy memories of the householder, so boldly injected Japanese style into the interior design of the living room.

In response to the householder’s preference for Japanese style, light wood materials and white color are the main palette applied in the interior spacing. By using simple lines which brings out harmony and natural feelings. Not only as comfort as staying in a hotel, but also have the feeling of home.


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House Design, Dapeng Bay


House Design, Dapeng Bay – Industry Natural

Much for industry and natural-styles as its inter-textual interiors.Through these juxtapositions. The owner is at once confronted with a design that is natural yet artificial. Organic yet regular.

White carpet for first floor to respond to ceiling. PLOTCREATIVE creates cementyet white effect to expose the floor and wall within the space. Timber appears as a embellish material in the space. Shinning materials reference these to expose value. With cement texture exposed in the stair up to the wall. Cylinder handle and cement has been spread link up from first to the fourth floor.

Replan to the second floor. Living and study area was planning a glass wall to provides a high glossy of spaces to reflective in certain lighting conditions. Light grey cement was create form second to the fourth floor. It make the floor to especially relax.

Guest room to provide natural material such as slanted light cement board, timber and white was chosen to fixtures and detailing found in the design.

Master room on the third floor was modulate to more warm, dark grey carpet was place on the light grey cement floor to expose the dynamic furniture. White organic wall to provide the architect pattern of are cheer by white.

Sky garden also create that is natural yet artificial. Geometric pattern and pebble walking trails to make experience from interior to the out door.

Overall the design was replan the layout to modify the sun shine to provides a high glossy of spaces to reflective in certain lighting conditions.
Creative once confronted with a design that is natural yet artificial; organic yet regular.

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Awarded : Gohome Design Award2015

Trophy : Gohome Design Award2015

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Residential Design, TAVISTOCK II, Tregunter Path in Mid-Levels


Residential Design, Tavistock II – Elegant Harmony

Designing 250m² apartment flat. PLOTCREATIVE create modern design with the fine materials and details by giving priority to the visual design richness along the functions.

The entrance areas have been kept relatively spacious, special cloakrooms and cupboards were designed where shoes and clothings can be stored in a practical manner. The kitchen and living doors opening to the entrance. It were specially customized for the project in a way that it slides in the wall in order to avoid loss of space. Featuring a complementary wood-coated panel and mirror sideboard.

As for the floor coverings in the apartment, marble looking like ceramics were used in the entrance, the night hall giving way to the bedrooms were covered with wooden parquet floor coverings to complement the bedrooms.

With the aim of creating a sense of warmth in the home, P.C.I.D. create wood & white print wall look elegant.

While ceramics that look like natural stone used in a balanced way on the bathroom walls. The wood-coated bathroom cupboard prepared with a special color study enabled us to maintain the effect of a warm environment. The bathroom cupboards with marble were designed in such a way to increase the depth impression of the bathroom and provide storage space for the homeowners.

Taking advantage of the natural light entering from both sides, dark colored and light color marble were used on two wall to creating modern and elegant spaces. Furniture and custom made furniture designs with fine details featuring bronze metal and leather used in the living room.

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