Chinese Restaurant Design, Chiu Fook


Chinese Restaurant Design, Chiu Fook – Bamboo Steamer baskets

Interior design of Chinese restaurants has come a long way from the traditional red and gold motifs of old. As the new Chiu Fook Stream-Pot Restaurant in Hong Kong amply demonstrates. It takes a brave client and an equally brave designer to defy convention when it comes to certain genres of cuisine. Chinese restaurants in particular have been confined to a familiar palette of red and gold for far too long- but no more.

At the new Chiu Fook Stream-Pot Restaurant in Hong Kong’s busy and buzzing Mongkok district. There is no trace of the traditional to be seen. Conceived by Plotcreative Interior design, it was design director Oscar Chan’s idea to harmonise the concept with the restaurant;s ethos for innovation. As a result, The interiors are dominated by a range of texture and contrasting shapes.

Geometric black lines and zigzag patterns in the grey and Marseille blue walls and flooring contrast with a feature wall of woven. Bamboo steamer baskets of varying sizes, providing a complete contrast on almost every level of texture and shape. The inspiration provided by the humble steamer baskets can also be seen in the partitions throunghout the space as well as the flooring and on the walls. Overhead cube lamps feature circular holes, reflecting shadows and light onto the ceiling and walls.

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Awarded : Shortlist – Hong Kong Restaurant & Bar Design Award 2015

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