Clubhouse Design, Centaline


Clubhouse Design, Centaline Club

Centaline club is a large open presentation space plus terrace in Tsimshattsui, Kowloon. The space is essentially a multifunction room built for gatherings of agents and clients.

Emphasizing that this is a social zone and hewing to the ‘soft-sell’ atmosphere. One long wall of the space is entirely glazed and opens widely onto a generous fresh-air terrace. Further seating clusters for parties, gatherings, of fine-weather meetings.

The design begins at the lift lobby area. Which is clad in an aggressive mixture of finish materials that confront you as soon as you step out of the lift. Marble flooring with a lively patterns. A segment of wall in gold-toned metal featuring a two-dimensional relief forward and back. As of the city were experiencing a small earthquake.

At the narrow ends of the space are walls of grass-green carpeting, which in turn is reflected in the polished-mirror stainless-steel ceiling. The green is repeated in the ceiling of the big room itself. A whimsical inversion of grass (and carpet) underfloor.

A small marble reception-desk indicates the way inside. The main design reference is to maps of the city, seen from different angles and abstracted in various ways – and materials.

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Awarded : Winner – Italian A’ Design Award 2018

Awarded : Finalist – US’s Spark Design Award 2017

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