Home Design, Hin Keng – Playful Pod


Home Design, Hin Keng – Playful Pod

Designed for are old and young family of four, the same 32 square meters (344 square feet) apartment is located in Hong Kong. Home office in the residential design was requested. HIP is the concept, which has been extensively remodelled with a new extension to the front delivering a playful, practical and contemporary home. It had meticulously executed from design to produce a flexible and robust home for their family.

The starting point for the concept, it was created a nature and value mood on living area. Splints has modify to desk make are handicraft article. Coffee desk was designed like a cube makes it playful.

5.5 square meters (60 square) bedroom, By Client request, they need a home office space in the bedroom. So it had planning a working space and living space in the bedroom because a newly married couple hopes a private area. Also match the grey-tone space for them to make a peaceful space.

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