Japanese Restaurant Design, Domon Sapporo Ramen


Japanese Restaurant Design, Domon Sapporo Ramen – Pour out RAMEN.

Domon Sapporo Ramen is rebranding by PLOTCREATIVE who have studied Japanese culture. And used it throughout kitchen fastest operating as inspiration for the branding and interiors for this Ramen chain.

The concept for this project-Pour Ramen out is represents the duality between ’emotional classic’ and the ‘rational contemporary’ of the Japanese culture. It is a reinterpretation of a Japanese Ramen, with the wave of linear and the irregular of form, juxtaposed with a mobile ramen bowl.

Upon entering the restaurant these two concepts immediately catch the eye; the culture stone façade of the entrance and the classic Japanese carpentry. The idea of the entrance is to make customers feel as though they are experiencing a live Japanese street, getting excited about the construction details of Japanese carpentry, and feeling stunned by it’s beauty.

A Japanese window panel in the centre of the space creates ‘window’ which lead patrons separate from the lounge and facade. On an aesthetic level a Japanese window has clearly been reinterpreted through different modules. The rooftops in turn interpret the contemporary and rational part, with a Japanese inclination.

Upon reaching the central lounge, one can enjoy authentic ramen beneath a ‘ramen concept,’ surrounded by wave linear ramen that pour out naturally; as though you are in a Japanese noodle bowl.

Each diner can watch ramen being created at the kitchen, a reinterpretation of a ramen master.

Authentic traditional ramen specialists who are passionate about Japanese culture.

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Awarded : Most Successful Design Award – China’s Successful Design Award2016

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