Restaurant Design, YKC IV


Restaurant Design, YKC IV – Rivers Bubble.

‘Our project always to tell stories,’ says Oscar Chan, founder of PLOTCREATIVE. He’s emphasizing the common thread that runs through the work done by his Hong Kong design firm. Whose latest scheme – the YKC IV restaurant in Wuhan – paints an abstract picture that tells ‘the Bubble Rivers for the fine dining experience’.

Reflecting the changing perspectives that appear in such masterpieces. The interior of the fine dining seafood restaurant offers a multi-perspective experience. To achieve the look they had in mind. PLOTCREATIVE’s design team – Oscar Chan and Sandy Lai make from emperors capital to Yangtze River’s culture is the surprising focal point of YKC IV experience in Jingzhou.

The ‘Rivers bubble’ to create experience different layers and colors inspire from Yangtze River. The 2500-m2 dining experience combines bubbles element which harmonize with display elements in bronze, marble. With three dimensional of wooden veneer. Bubbles to create beyond expect of ceiling lamps from public dining area. Bronze bubbles were created to the wall and crystal ball of partition extension by the bubble lamps.

‘Rivers’ was floating to the hallway, translucent stone to become bottom of river contrasting mirror ceiling and lamps abstract into bubbles in river.

We hopes an evening at YKC to have experience that ‘Jingzhou emperor’ and ‘river bubbles’ will give diners the kind of multi-perspective experience that leads to personal and contrasting interpretations of their surroundings.

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Awarded : Bronze Winner – Italian A’Design Design 2018

Awarded : Honorable Mention – US’s International Design Awards 2017

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