Seafood Restaurant Design, YKC III


Seafood Restaurant Design, YKC III – Coastline.

PLOTCREATIVE has unveiled its design for the YKC III restaurant in Sanya. Inspired by the area’s coastline and its traditional culture, Oscar said.

With its tropical climate and abundance of natural beauty. Sanya is often described as “the oriental Hawaii”. Drawn by its vibrant marine life, visitors to Sanya are also attracted by the fact. The island is a reassuringly familiar melting pot of different Chinese cultures, with more than 20 ethnic groups living there.

This is the setting which inspired the design of seafood restaurant YKC III by Hong Kong-based interior design firm PLOTCREATIVE. Founder and lead designer Oscar Chan, together with Sandy Lai. They imbued the space with a multi-perspective interior enabling visitors to experience the best of Sanya. Multiple layers and colours simulate ocean waves in the 2000 sq-m space, where wavy golden ‘fronds’ simulate seaweed and create dividers between tables and sections.

Terrazzo floors harmonise with display elements, which appear in hues of sea-blue, white, gold with sand, and expanses of wooden veneer.

Walls made of metal and wood are designed to recall knitting patterns, the work of a local artist aiming to underline the area’s traditional art forms.

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Awarded : Winner – Korea’s K-Design Award 2017

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