Showroom Design, EMMAS International@GuangZhou


Showroom Design, EMMAS International@GuangZhou

EMMAS Mattress International showroom is sleeping environment specialized brand with the philosophy of ‘health sleeping’. The brand is specialized in all products that are used to sleep.
Including bed, mattress, topper and others using natural material. It is specialized in high-end luxury products. Different special technology, create for each of international’s products. Each of the products to provide the solution for ‘smart mattress’, ‘health’, ‘natural’ amidst the customers’ sleeping environment.

Entrance was design like showcase the feature wall used to burn solid wood to create a mood for natural and value. Ceiling and platform was design a shape and use a stain steel and rugs. Signage on the Ceiling.

Multiple layers and colors simulate mattress pattern in the 220 sq-m space, where golden mirror create dividers for pattern layer and leather is a challenge that imitate crafter. Additionally, to high-light each product to inspire the design element, golden stain-steel light trough and leather a contrast on the black wood pattern.

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